Adventure Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #37

Treasure Chest #37
“The Temple of ADVENTURE” by Stuart Lilford, Tom Clayton, James Bennett-Hill & Ben Sutcliffe. A humorous metagame, where several parts of the average AAA adventure gaming experience are recreated with the help of the whole ‘level’ design and …
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Adventure Jam 2017: Peridium

Screenshot of "Peridium"
“Peridium” by Barney Cumming, Dave Lloyd, Louis D. Meyer & Adrian Vaughan. “Mycologist Dr. James Turner has been stationed at an Antarctic research base for that past decade. He and his wife were nearing completion of their …
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Adventure Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #36

Treasure Chest #36
“A Friendly Venture” by clman94, Catherine Guevara & WarlordofWaffles. It begins with a dark prologue and your character can be found alone in the darkness – but when they go through a sparkling entrance, they will be suddenly visiting the…
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Adventure Jam 2017: Snail Island

Screenshot of "Snail Island"
“Snail Island” by cobcris. “A short story about some insects that fall asleep[.]” The art style, with which the hand-drawn graphics of “Snail Island”, were created, is minimalistic and lovely at the same time. But what I really love …
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Adventure Jam 2017: iD

Screenshot of "iD"
“iD” by Matthew John Frith & Paul Zimmermann. “An android is reactivated in a long deserted factory. What is going on here? A short point and click adventure game[.]” Besides the wonderful pixel art, the ambient music and well-wrought …
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Adventure Jam 2017: Kel Leda

Screenshot of "Kel Leda"
“Kel Leda” by Simon Mesnard & The Icehouse. “[A] first person adventure game made of pre-rendered static views, in space and other [science fiction] environments. […] [You] play on [the hero’s] computer, from within his spaceship, and you control …
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