Antenna Dilemma

Screenshot of "Antenna Dilemma"
“Antenna Dilemma” by Goloso Games & Philip Aldous. “[A] short and witty [point and click game] in which [you will] follow the story of C432632, a finicky grey cube that sure [does not] want to miss his favorite [television] …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Treasure Chest #59

Treasure Chest #59
“While Dreaming” by Eight Bit Skyline. Each time this game gets played, its story changes. This happens not only by exchanging the dream sequences or by changing their order, but also by slight contextual modifications of them. This way …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Where Others Lie

Screenshot of "Where Others Lie"
“Where Others Lie” by Alex Shaw, Hugo Passarinho & Ben Greensmith. “You play as a satellite operator tasked with helping a novice medic on his first interplanetary mission. Work with your team to log, track and catalogue this …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Antenna dilemma

Screenshot of "Antenna dilemma"
“Antenna dilemma” by Goloso Games & Philip Aldous. “C432632 is waiting patiently for his favorite show to come on. Unfortunately, something unexpected happens – his television suddenly looses signal.” If one’s life is determined by an addiction, it can …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Snowspirit

Screenshot of "Snowspirit"
“Snowspirit” by Phil Fortier. “Up high in the mountains, you wake up from your summer hibernation, only to find things are not quite as you expected. […] [The] line between dream and reality is blurred as you try to …
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Adventure Jam 2018: door

Screenshot of "door"
“door” by Common Colors (Bryan Thomas Atkinson, Jonas Fisch & Owen Twaites) & Voice Acting Power Squad. “Imagine waking up, not knowing where you are […] or [who] you are. Examine your surroundings, solve puzzles and uncover …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Alluvium

Screenshot of "Alluvium"
“Alluvium” by Dave Lloyd, Barney Cumming, Louis D. Meyer, Adrian Vaughan & Sally Beaumont. “After his plane crashes on a remote stretch of Papuan coast, civil engineer Ian Forrester is left stranded, hungry, and alone. He …
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