Global Game Jam 2020: Diplomouse

Screenshot of "Diplomouse"
“Diplomouse” by Tero Hannula, Emma Chudoba, Joel Koutonen & Helmi Hakuri. “[A] game about repairing the relations between the kingdoms of the birds and the squirrels. You must use your diplomatic skills to bring peace to the bird …
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Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: Fluffy Flight

Screenshot of "Fluffy Flight"
“Fluffy Flight” by Jan Braunsberger & Tomaž Krajcar. “Save the egg with the balloon and get it to the last nest checkpoint. Use the needle to poke holes into multiple different objects and alter their movement.” “Fluffy Flight” nails …
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Global Game Jam 2020: REBIND TYPER

Screenshot of "REBIND TYPER"
“REBIND TYPER” by Chris Choi, Siu Man Ho & Kwok Chun Yau. “[A] typing game which forces you to rebind keyboard keys to other keys.” Inspired by the retro arcade game “Missile Command”, you have to shoot down your …
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Global Game Jam 2020: Letter Lab

Screenshot of "Letter Lab"
“Letter Lab” by Luke Thompson & Pete West. “Repair the name of each level using a hilariously complex system of machines[.] […] Place waypoints to control the direction of the continuously spawning basic parts. Guiding them through the right machines …
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Global Game Jam 2020: Elevate Me

Screenshot of "Elevate Me"
“Elevate Me” by Nikolay Danielov Yordanov, Lawrence Thorp & Callum Horton. “[T]he objective is to fix an [e]levator to get out. […] Progress to the top of the level, grabbing key items along the way, and plugging them into their…
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