Screenshot of "Karambola"
“Karambola” by Holy Pangolin (Agata Nawrot & Sebastian Krzyszkowiak), Tom Grochowiak, Bird of Either (Janusz Gądek, Bartłomiej Czajkowski & Piotr Olejak), Michał Truong, The Pangolins, Benoit Fleuret, Avell, Mariusz Ciechoński & Paulina Skurczyńska. “In the middle of …
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Haunted Garage

Screenshot of "Haunted Garage"
“Haunted Garage” by Games For Ghosts (Richard Pieterse). “[An] experimental music making adventure game[.]” “Haunted Garage” consists of two different games, packed into one: It is partly an adventure game, where you have to find hidden objects – …
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LOWREZJAM 2019: Poly-60

Screenshot of "Poly-60"
“Poly-60” by Ferran Bertomeu Castells & YenTing Lo. “Explore polymetric rhythms or try to puzzle the top display’s holes.” Great audio games are hard to find, but great audio puzzle games are an absolute rarity! In “Poly-60”, you can …
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Ludum Dare 44: Jamsterdam

Screenshot of "Jamsterdam"
“Jamsterdam” by Ivan Notaros, Ferran Bertomeu Castells & YenTing Lo. “A game about trying to be a [jazz] musician in Amsterdam. […] [Sing] with your [mouse], collect donations, pay your bills and survive[.]” Whenever a game speaks about serious …
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Ludum Dare 40: Interview at Cacophony

Screenshot of "Interview at Cacophony"
“Interview at Cacophony” by Nikolas Crisci, Papiertig0r & Christoph. “A music [puzzle game].” In “Interview at Cacophony”, you have to prove your musical ear. A melody gets played to you and afterwards you have to guess which instruments …
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A Game By Its Cover 2015: Modulocean

Screenshot of "Modulocean"
“Modulocean” by Octurnip. “Play with sound and destroy cities! Each bubble changes one effect on the sound and different combinations destroy different buildings!” Relaxing whale songs that can destroy a whole city just by the strength and structure of …
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