Awful Summer Jam 2018: IIslands of War

Screenshot of "IIslands of War"
“IIslands of War” by jwiggs. “A tactical roguelite where you must construct and battle floating islands made of [oversized] blocks of earth. […] [They] have cannons[,] […] lasers[,] […] shields and floatrons to keep them afloat. Go about exploring a …
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Awful Summer Jam 2018: Stay Home

Screenshot of "Stay Home"
“Stay Home” by Bleak Grey. “If you could change one thing, it certainly would be just opening the front door. Patience is known for being tired, but someday it has to happen. [It is] a nice sunny day outside and…
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Awful Summer Jam 2018: Arseholevania

Screenshot of "Arseholevania"
“Arseholevania” by marbenx. “Explore the spooky castle […] as the whip-flailing and […] skateboarding hero Simon Belhawk!” This “Castlevania” parody has it all: Physics-based whip mechanics, brilliant boss fights, retro pixel art and of course skateboarding. The huge manor …
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