Adventure Jam 2020: Point Of No Return

Screenshot of "Point of No Return"
“Point Of No Return” by Alex Shaw, Hugo Passarinho & Ben Greensmith. “[You have] just awoken from stasis. Protocol states that you must complete reorientation tests. Your ship’s [artificial intelligence] must determine if the long sleep has had …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Where Others Lie

Screenshot of "Where Others Lie"
“Where Others Lie” by Alex Shaw, Hugo Passarinho & Ben Greensmith. “You play as a satellite operator tasked with helping a novice medic on his first interplanetary mission. Work with your team to log, track and catalogue this …
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Resist Jam: Treasure Chest #21

Treasure Chest #21
“Unloop” by Alex Shaw, Hugo Passarinho & Ben Greensmith. In this point and click adventure, two scientists discover time travel, but it is not as safe as they thought it would be. “FakeBook” by Renan Vieira & Pedro …
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