Ludum Dare 35: Nightshift

Screenshot of "Nightshift"
“Nightshift” by Aurel Bílý. “Defeat the evil in outer space [in this] arcade vertical-scrolling shoot ‘em up.” Difficult retro bullet hell action with space kitty paws; that is the core concept of “Nightshift”. Shoot the mice, do not …
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Ludum Dare 35: Chub Town

Screenshot of "Chub Town"
“Chub Town” by Nauris Amatnieks. “A game about building a town and pleasing gods. To win it’s necessary to build the large statue to gods. […] Please the gods by sacrificing unneeded resources to them using the small statue. …
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Ludum Dare 35: Cyan

Screenshot of "Cyan"
“Cyan” by rxi. “Cyan” is a great little platformer, where you must change between your human and your bird form to jump from stage to stage. However, you must keep track of your energy, that is used for the …
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Asylum Jam 2015: MEAT, Inc.

Screenshot of "MEAT, Inc."
“MEAT, Inc.” by Kishimoto Studios. “[This game shows t]he first day in the lives of chicks in the meat industry[.]” “MEAT, Inc.” is a kind of ‘documentary’ video game and works great as proof of concept for this genre. …
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Ludum Dare 31: birdsong

Screenshot of "birdsong"
“birdsong” by Daniel Linssen​. “[It is] finally time to leave the nest. The whole wide world sprawls out before you […], waiting to be explored. Can you learn to fly?” “birdsong” was one of the best games of the …
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