Bitsy Jam (Frog) – Part Five

Bitsy Jam (Frog), Part Five
“Ponding” by Leslie Astier. “Ponding” is bright, colorful and full of singing frogs. There are several amphibians scattered throughout the pond for you to talk to and almost all of them are trilling some tunes. The experience is accompanied …
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Bitsy Jam (Frog) – Part Four

Bitsy Jam (Frog), Part Four
“Krapodorey” by Peter Februar. In the best possible way, this game feels like a single-player version of “Snakes and Ladders” if it was designed by M. C. Escher. “Krapodorey” is a platformer that is filled with trapdoors and secret …
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Bitsy Jam (Frog) – Part Three

Bitsy Jam (Frog), Part Three
“FROGGER FIGHTS THE AUTO LOBBY” by dreckrealm. In this action comedy, Frogger’s pond is threatened by the upcoming construction of a new highway, so the amphibian decides to take action. Direct action. Inspired by his neighbor frogs, turtles, land squids,…
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Bitsy Jam (Frog) – Part Two

Bitsy Jam (Frog), Part Two
“Dr. Chimp in Frogland” by TJ Lounge. In this sequel to “Dr. Chimp”, you play as the dentist Dr. Chimp, who travels to Frog Town in order to operate on Professor Frog, the richest frog in town. However, talking …
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Bitsy Jam (Frog) – Part One

Bitsy Jam (Frog), Part One
What is Bitsy? Bitsy is, in the words of its creator Adam Le Doux, “a little editor for little games or worlds”. Bitsy limits its creations to rooms consisting of sixteen to sixteen tiles designed with a three …
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