Bitsy Jam (Dinosaur): Denierosaurs

Screenshot of "Denierosaurs"
“Denierosaurs” by Sabine Harrer & glassdevil. “A Bitsy game about dinosaurs, fish, and the end of the world.” The serious Bitsy game “Denierosaurs” uses an obvious metapher to shine a light on the climate crisis we are going through. …
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Combat Dungeon

Screenshot of "Combat Dungeon"
“Combat Dungeon” by Andrew Yolland. “[A] seat-of-your-pants thrill-ride full of non-stop twitch-action combat. […] Conquer the dungeon! Duke it out with goblins! Call wizards on the phone! Vape with ghosts!” Most Bitsy games are quite short (but lovely anyway, …
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Bitsy Mystery Dungeon

Screenshot of "Bitsy Mystery Dungeon"
“Bitsy Mystery Dungeon” by flowerditch, rarelikeaunicorn, Sarah Gould, Mozz, ruin, Emma Daues, becklespinax, Lenny Magner, Andrew Yolland, Natalie Clayton, Ian Martin, Dan Lance, William John Holly III, …
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Space Bubble Cat

Screenshot of "Space Bubble Cat"
“Space Bubble Cat” by Emma Daues. “[A] very personal piece about a lonely cat who floats through space.” When you ask the members of the Bitsy community about their favorite Bitsy game, it is very likely that some of them …
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Rainbow Jam 2019: I’m new here

Screenshot of "I'm new here"
“I’m new here” by Marina Díez & Erin Holmes. “[A] game about building communities, taking care of yourself and others, as well as being very brave and go outside your comfort zone with the support of your beloved ones.”…
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Bitsy Jam (Moss): care

Screenshot of "care"
“care” by forestherd. “A game about going on a walk and taking care of your plants.” Some games with a focus on narration manage it to follow a metaphor so consequently that I feel stunned after playing them, but …
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Bitsy Jam (Masks): The Horizon

Screenshot of "The Horizon"
“The Horizon” by Freya Campbell. “A woman gnaws her last[. … A] sequel to THE TOWER and THE HOUSE OF GOD[.]” Freya Campbell’s “The House of God” got an honorable mention in our GOTY 2018 list for its …
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