The Loss Levels

Screenshot of "The Loss Levels"
“The Loss Levels” by Dan Hett. “[A] series of fifteen narrative microgames, exploring aspects of my experience during the 2017 terrorist attack, in which I lost my brother Martyn.” What do you associate with video games: Joy, action, immersion, escapism? Very …
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Bird Of Passage

Screenshot of "Bird Of Passage"
“Bird Of Passage” by Space Backyard (Alessandro Arcidiacono, Simone Tranchina, Maddalena Grattarola & Gianluca Pandolfo) & Emilio Pozzolini. “[A] free night ride across Tokyo. By playing it, you will be granted access to the private conversations …
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Space Bubble Cat

Screenshot of "Space Bubble Cat"
“Space Bubble Cat” by Emma Daues. “[A] very personal piece about a lonely cat who floats through space.” When you ask the members of the Bitsy community about their favorite Bitsy game, it is very likely that some of them …
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Little Party

Screenshot of "Little Party"
“Little Party” by Turnfollow (Carter Lodwick & Ian Endsley), Dan Anthony Kelly, Scott David Archer, Marissa Deitz Wall & Brian Scott. “[A short story video game about your daughter’s all-nighter party.] […] Music is a key element …
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Ludum Dare 44: Drowning in the Rain

Screenshot of "Drowning in the Rain"
“Drowning in the Rain” by David Williamson. “[This is] an autobiographical vignette with mild puzzle elements. It covers a very important and difficult period of my life […] that began with the death of my father.” This vignette game …
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Ludum Dare 42: Unfamiliar

Screenshot of "Unfamiliar"
“Unfamiliar” by Adrian Kovatana, Cary Stringfield, Cody McGuire, Cole Penning & Don Nguyen. “[A] visual [novel] […] that attempts to portray the affects of dementia on a family.” Our memories are the foundation of our identity. One can …
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