Screenshot of "BREAKER"
“BREAKER” by Daniel Linssen, Martin Kvale & Dubmood. “[A] blend of [“Breakout”], [“Space Invaders”] and [“Ikaruga”.]” Once I had the pleasure to talk on the German-French television channel ARTE about minimalistic game …
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Ludum Dare 41: Paddle Pals

Screenshot of "Paddle Pals"
“Paddle Pals” by Mors, Darkonius Mavakar & CosmicGem. “Break bricks, solve puzzles, push blocks, hit switches and go through [twelve] levels that combine tight platforming level design with classic [“Breakout”] action!” This cute looking game called “Paddle Pals” …
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Ludum Dare 35: Xenosphere

Screenshot of "Xenosphere"
“Xenosphere” by Kyle Riley & Oxysoft. “Play as a paddle lost in an alien spaceship and take on the misson to defeat the hivemind [core] in this unconventional […] Breakout inspired game!” “Xenosphere” is one of the most interesting “Breakout”…
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GBJAM 4: Aliens Go Home Run!

Screenshot of "Aliens Go Home Run!"
“Aliens Go Home Run!” by Ultdev, Kommisar, Framk & Artisano. “Aliens have invaded the Earth, and only you can fight back by hitting one of their own into their shields to break them!” “Aliens Go Home Run!” is a …
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Indies VS Gamers: ArkaTroiD

Screenshot of "ArkaTroiD"
“ArkaTroiD” by Leonardo Rossi. “[A three-dimensional “Arkanoid”-style] game.” The difficult, but awesome “ArkaTroiD” plays as if you were controlling a Roomba and trying to recreate a three-dimensional version of “Breakout” with it. [PLAY]…
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