Ludum Dare 40: H3X F0R H1R3

Screenshot of "H3X F0R H1R3"
“H3X F0R H1R3” by Lynnaira & cakeknuckles. “[What] do you do when [you are] a broke witch, but you want the newest gaming console? [You] do a little freelance hexing. […] [However, be aware: What] goes around comes around.”…
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Ludum Dare 39: tropix 🌴

Screenshot of "tropix 🌴"
“tropix 🌴” by Lynnaira & cakeknuckles. “[What] else is there to do on vacation but take pretty pictures to post on the internet[?] [Try] not to get distracted, and take the best [pictures] you can before your phone dies!”…
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