Candy Jam: ContraCANDY

Screenshot of "ContraCANDY"
“ContraCANDY” by Alex Johansson & Harvey Thompson. “Stop Candy folk from fleeing their country by removing their disguises as they pass through airport security!” “ContraCANDY” is a pretty short, but quite addictive reaction game, which won’t give your brain a …
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Candy Jam: Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga

Screenshot of "Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga"
“Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga” by Alan Hazelden. The title says it all, doesn’t it? Anyway, I love the twist of “Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga”. Unlike ordinary switch puzzles, you will need here to take care about two things: First, …
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Candy Jam: Candy Scrolls

Screenshot of "Candy Scrolls"
“Candy Scrolls” by rogueNoodle. “Eight scrolls are scattered across each level. Hop from gumdrop to gumdrop to collect them all before the toxic goo rises too high. Collect them in as few moves as possible to earn more stars …
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