I Hate You, Please Suffer

Screenshot of "I Hate You, Please Suffer"
“I Hate You, Please Suffer” by scitydreamer. “In a world where adventuring is a common career choice, a recently fired woman sets out on a grand quest to pay her rent.” The RPG Maker game “I Hate You, Please …
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Coffee Talk

Screenshot of "Coffee Talk"
“Coffee Talk” by Toge Productions (Kris Antoni Hadiputra, Andrew Jeremy Sitompul, Dio Mahesa, Hendry Roesly, Fredrik Lauwrensius & Jovan Anggara) & Mohammad Fahmi. “[A] game about listening to people’s problems and help them …
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Screenshot of "Respite"
“Respite” by Kayden Chan, Luxiere & Mr. Serpent. “[Play] as a [white-collar] worker who is overworked and experiencing fatigue and stress. As he re-explores his apartment and reminisces about past experiences, [he is] reminded of the importance of family, …
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Nova Alea

Screenshot of "Nova Alea"
“Nova Alea” by Paolo Pedercini & Tenley Schmida. “A minimalist game about the forces shaping our cities.” A city does not just grow naturally, as there are external factors and mechanisms that have an influence on it. One of those…
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Networking Event Simulator

Screenshot of "Networking Event Simulator"
“Networking Event Simulator” by corpsepile. “[A comfortable] environment to [help] develop your core competencies and take a deep dive [into] the next generation of [social] interaction and [strategic] interpersonal [alignment]!” Certain types of events lead to a certain type …
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Ludum Dare 35: Shape Shifters Inc

Screenshot of "Shape Shifters Inc"
“Shape Shifters Inc” by Rox Flame. “Shift gleeful shapes with efficiency, grace, and self loathing whilst your villainous overlord of a boss cuts your pay at an ever increasing rate. Earn your way to freedom. […] How much debt …
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Ludum Dare 35: Look at your Feet

Screenshot of "Look at your Feet"
“Look at your Feet” by Edu Verzinsky, Beatriz R-C. & sergeeo. “A little artgame about the life of a factory worker. Make shoes as fast as you can until management is satisfied with your work!” Sometimes you just try …
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