Resist Jam: shhh

Screenshot of "shhh"
“shhh” by Luis Díaz Peralta & Celer Gutierrez. “People will express what they think and you […] may choose to suppress those thoughts. Based on what you do (and what you [do not] do) citizens’ opinions will change (as …
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LocusJam: Waiting in the Sky

Screenshot of "Waiting in the Sky"
“Waiting in the Sky” by Luis Díaz Peralta, Celer Gutierrez & Rubén Calles. “[Y]ou are a kid sitting in the backseat of a car. [L]ook through your window. [T]ouch the stars. [C]reate constellations.” “Waiting in the Sky” is …
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Ludum Dare 33: Geminis

Screenshot of "Geminis"
“Geminis” by Edu Verzinsky, Celer Gutierrez, Jonathan Romero Ruiz & Luis Díaz Peralta. “Follow the story of two siamese twins who work at freak show. During the day they complete challenges to amuse the public, but nothing …
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