ScoreSpace x Alakajam!: bondstones !

Screenshot of "bondstones !"
“bondstones !” by Benjamin Soulé. “Connect stones with the same shape or color. [Chains made from more than twelve] stones will [explode,] increasing score and experience[.] […] Each time you level up, a random malus is drawn [from] the …
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Screenshot of "BOMBASTIC"
“BOMBASTIC” by Jamie Rowan. “Play as Splodey, a bomb with an explosive spring in his step! Use his exploding jump to traverse rooms and solve puzzles. Destroy all of the orange blocks […] to progress through the levels!” 2019 …
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Ludum Dare 38: Song of Fungus

Screenshot of "Song of Fungus"
“Song of Fungus” by DGSpitzer. “The goal of each level [in this puzzle game] is to convert all mushrooms in the scene to your side by using spores.” The most interesting thing about “Song of Fungus” might be the …
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