Game Off 2021: do;MIN(0)

Screenshot of "do;MIN(0)"
“do;mIN(0)” by Antti Haavikko. “Start with a deck of just few simple cards and proceed to use it to beat stages by placing the cards on the field so that the pips connect. After each beaten stage you can not only pick …
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ScoreSpace x Alakajam!: bondstones !

Screenshot of "bondstones !"
“bondstones !” by Benjamin Soulé. “Connect stones with the same shape or color. [Chains made from more than twelve] stones will [explode,] increasing score and experience[.] […] Each time you level up, a random malus is drawn [from] the …
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Screenshot of "BOMBASTIC"
“BOMBASTIC” by Jamie Rowan. “Play as Splodey, a bomb with an explosive spring in his step! Use his exploding jump to traverse rooms and solve puzzles. Destroy all of the orange blocks […] to progress through the levels!” 2019 …
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Ludum Dare 38: Song of Fungus

Screenshot of "Song of Fungus"
“Song of Fungus” by DGSpitzer. “The goal of each level [in this puzzle game] is to convert all mushrooms in the scene to your side by using spores.” The most interesting thing about “Song of Fungus” might be the …
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