Chess Jam: Field of Fate

Screenshot of "Field of Fate"
“Field of Fate” by Graeme Borland. “[A] tactical chess-like game where two forces clash on the eternal battlefield.” Basically, “Field of Fate” is about playing turn-based battles with chess pieces against a sinister power. The big twist here is …
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Chess Jam: Pico Checkmate

Screenshot of "Pico Checkmate"
“Pico Checkmate” by Krystian Majewski. “A simple, cute retro version of classic [chess] made in [PICO-8] […] with a juicy interface and some basic [artificial intelligence] to play against.” If you are up for a little round of chess, …
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Chess Jam: Rooky Moves

Screenshot of "Rooky Moves"
“Rooky Moves” by 8BitLlama. “You are the kingdom’s new rookie rook recruit. Determined, you decide to depart on an adventure to establish your honor. Are you skilled enough to slide through the pesky pawns, precarious pitfalls, and perplexing puzzles in…
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