Ludum Dare 46: Advise the King

Screenshot of "Advise the King"
“Advise the King” by Dija Studios (Arden DeCuir & Adam DeCuir). “[A chess-based deck-building game.] […] Battle your way through [ten] levels, collecting cards along the way. Can you get to the final level and defeat the Dark …
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No More Sweden 2018: Chnakess

Screenshot of "Chnakess"
“Chnakess” by Arvi Teikari. “[You are] a snake. […] Try to eat the chess pieces; [they will] try to escape using their respective movement styles.” In this turn-based version of “Snake”, you must eat all the chess pieces …
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Chess Jam: Field of Fate

Screenshot of "Field of Fate"
“Field of Fate” by Graeme Borland. “[A] tactical chess-like game where two forces clash on the eternal battlefield.” Basically, “Field of Fate” is about playing turn-based battles with chess pieces against a sinister power. The big twist here is …
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Chess Jam: Pico Checkmate

Screenshot of "Pico Checkmate"
“Pico Checkmate” by Krystian Majewski. “A simple, cute retro version of classic [chess] made in [PICO-8] […] with a juicy interface and some basic [artificial intelligence] to play against.” If you are up for a little round of chess, …
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Ludum Dare 36: R. Lastey, archaeologist

Screenshot of "R. Lastey, archaeologist"
“R. Lastey, archaeologist” by Aurel Bílý. “Explore, decipher, solve puzzles, play games [and] discover the secret of the Lastey estate!” The amount of mini games and puzzles in “R. Lastey, archaeologist” is absolutely stunning. While some of the concepts …
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Ludum Dare 35: Moveless Chess

Screenshot of "Moveless Chess"
“Moveless Chess” by Beavl Games (Nico Saraintaris & José Díaz). “Play chess without moving your pieces!” In “Moveless Chess” you have to beat your enemy with the help of magic: Instead of moving your pieces, you have to …
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