Trash the Planet

Screenshot of "Trash the Planet"
“Trash the Planet” by This Game Is Haunted (Nick Cummings, Ben Morgan, Sarah Morgan, Bryan Brunt & Chris Balcom). “[A resource management] game that subverts clicker mechanics to serve its narrative rather than manipulate the …
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2020 Epic MegaJam: Cloud Climber

Screenshot of "Cloud Climber"
“Cloud Climber” by Gavin Eisenbeisz. “For over a hundred years people have been building towers to attempt to reach the clouds, so they can get the water they need to survive. And for over a hundred years [they have] failed. […] …
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Bitsy Jam (Dinosaur): Denierosaurs

Screenshot of "Denierosaurs"
“Denierosaurs” by Sabine Harrer & glassdevil. “A Bitsy game about dinosaurs, fish, and the end of the world.” The serious Bitsy game “Denierosaurs” uses an obvious metapher to shine a light on the climate crisis we are going through. You…
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Ludum Dare 38: S.A.V.E.🐣

Screenshot of "S.A.V.E.🐣"
“S.A.V.E.🐣” by Platonic Games (Alvaro Gutierrez & Valeria Castro). “Think about a cage. Think about having each day less space to live. Think about someone controlling and limiting all your actions, every day. Think about living only to …
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