CloneJam (Kitty HorrorShow): TEMPLE

Screenshot of "TEMPLE"
“TEMPLE” by ceMelusine. “C[ontent warning]: [Contains r]eligious [s]elf-[i]mmolation[.] […] An [o]ccult [m]ythic [a]dventure [g]ame[.]” Come on, Alice. Follow the purple mushrooms. Yes, just go. Go to the stairs in the darkness. See the light. See the lightning. The tree …
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CloneJam (Kitty HorrorShow): homeland

Screenshot of "homeland"
“homeland” by Ada Rook. “Something intangible crossed over, a memory, and someone caught it… You are getting these, right? Send me a letter if you’re getting these. I miss you.” The voice acting gave me goosebumps. There is some …
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