Ludum Dare 47: Rad Boar Rewind

Screenshot of "Rad Boar Rewind"
“Rad Boar Rewind” by Alex Rose, João Dias & John Pennington. “In space, trapped in a [time loop], Rad Boar must fill in for Rude Bear and find the Pink Ore, the most powerful substance in the universe, …
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Weekly Game Jam 130: Strandead

Screenshot of "Strandead"
“Strandead” by pncet. “Try[, die, use your dead clones, repeat.]” “Strandead” is a puzzle platformer, which looks like it was made with PICO-8, but is surprisingly an Unity game. Your goal for each level is to open the …
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GamesPlusJam 2018: Predetermined

Screenshot of "Predetermined"
“Predetermined” by Steven Miller. “Push boxes onto the red outlines and get to the goal. After a certain amount of moves, an echo will spawn, doing as you have done before. If something blocks their path, you cannot continue. …
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GJ Fest: Infinity Inc.

Screenshot of "Infinity Inc."
“Infinity Inc.” by George Kobyakov. “Find a clone gun, create your own clones and overcome deathly traps by destroying them!” “Infinity Inc.” has neat little puzzles, a great control scheme for keyboards and an evolving gameplay. Also, there are …
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