Cyberpunk Jam: The Last Night

Screenshot of "The Last Night"
“The Last Night” by Tim Soret, Adrien Soret & Laurent Lozano. “[A] short, moody, cyberpunk adventure game[.]” While “The Last Night” is very short, it surely features detailed pixel art and some great sound design. [PLAY]…
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Cyberpunk Jam: Hot Delivery

Screenshot of "Hot Delivery"
“Hot Delivery” by Bartek Lisok & Jukio Kallio. “[A] retro-futuristic racer[.]” “Hot Delivery” is an aesthetically pleasing racing game. I adore the cyberpunk cityscape, the amazing music and the filter effects. Drive for the highscore! PLAY…
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Cyberpunk Jam: Night City Jump

Screenshot of "Night City Jump"
“Night City Jump” by Miguel Sánchez. “Your work: [S]teal [and] escape[.]” “Night City Jump” is a quite brain hurting puzzle game, which forces you to be very foresightful. I love what’s possible with PuzzleScript. >>PLAY…
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Cyberpunk Jam: Protocol

Screenshot of "Protocol"
“Protocol” by Nik Sudan. “Outrun the lawbots[!]” Thirty-two action filled waves, in which you need to shoot and destroy your enemies – that is the core of “Protocol”. The art style is spectacular, the explosion animations went right into …
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Cyberpunk Jam: VA-11 Hall-A

Screenshot of "VA-11 Hall-A"
“VA-11 Hall-A” by Sukeban Games, Fer Fer, kiririn51 & Michael Kelly. “Cyberpunk [b]artender [a]ction[.]” Everything about “VA-11 Hall-A” feels great: The cyberpunk atmosphere, the bartender mechanics, the well-written dialogues and the whole audiovisual representation. You’ll even love …
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