Ludum Dare 48: TAILSPIN!

Screenshot of "TAILSPIN!"
“TAILSPIN!” by Team Bugulon (sarn, Oroshibu, Attfooy, THX, Shrombus, SnakeBlock, bub, Mista Jub & squp). “Play as a treasure seeking canary and drill through [four] unique worlds of action packed platforming. …
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JamCraft 2020: CRAFT JAM

Screenshot of "CRAFT JAM"
“CRAFT JAM” by Oscar Gonzalez, soves, Failpositive, WigglyGull, Chloe Halikias & Thimz. “Rhythm based bullet hell where moving[, dodging and] crafting can only be done on the beat!” The ten to fifteen minutes long rhythm …
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Pirate Jam 2020: Deepdive

Screenshot of "Deepdive"
“Deepdive” by Free Lives (Sam Alfred, Evan Greenwood & Jarred Lunt). “[A] short procedurally generated diving roguelike about exploring the depths. Manage your oxygen, scan new species of fish, mine minerals, explore the depths, but be careful not …
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Ludum Dare 38: The Deep

Screenshot of "The Deep"
“The Deep” by RAC7 Games (Jesse Ringrose & Jason Ennis) & Gordon McGladdery. “Take command of one of our state of the art mining vessels today! Learn new skills such as navigation[.] Enjoy friendly messages from headquarters, each …
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GBJAM 4: Trappy Mine

Screenshot of "Trappy Mine"
“Trappy Mine” by rogueNoodle. “Race against time, using your pickaxe and bombs to mine to the bottom where treasure awaits. Avoid spikes, explosions and crushing crates and collect as much coal, diamond and coin as possible to compete for …
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Ludum Dare 29: Colony 31

Screenshot of "Colony 31"
“Colony 31” by Justin Luong, Kahlil Angeles, Phoenix & Justin Walker. “Help Joe on his journey to save his colony.” “Colony 31” is a little puzzle platformer where you are in possession of a cool mecha suit with …
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