2 Colors Game Jam: Alien Arrow Attack

Screenshot of "Alien Arrow Attack"
“Alien Arrow Attack” by Chris Holtshouser. “[A fast-paced] arcade game where players must quickly plan and predict the movement of enemies to defeat them with their arrow.” In “Alien Arrow Attack”, you must usually eliminate all enemies per level by …
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Jam for Change: #ART

Screenshot of "#ART"
“#ART” by Luis Díaz Peralta. “Make art with up to [eighteen] players and fill an art gallery as you listen to classical music[.]” In “#ART”, it does not matter if you are a genius artist or if you can …
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Ludum Dare 40: H3X F0R H1R3

Screenshot of "H3X F0R H1R3"
“H3X F0R H1R3” by Lynnaira & cakeknuckles. “[What] do you do when [you are] a broke witch, but you want the newest gaming console? [You] do a little freelance hexing. […] [However, be aware: What] goes around comes around.”…
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Ludum Dare 38: IN CHARACTER

Screenshot of "IN CHARACTER"
“IN CHARACTER” by Landon Podbielski. “[Make] some friends and then help develop your friends friends[.]” “IN CHARACTER” is simply delightful, as it lets you draw characters and fan art for the characters other people created, get comments and responses, …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Please Sine Here

Screenshot of "Please Sine Here"
“Please Sine Here” by Andrew Berthold. “[A puzzle] platformer document signing simulator! There are [six] very important documents which require really serious signatures. Smash through the paper work with [four] exciting writing implements.” In the puzzle platformer “Please Sine …
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Ludum Dare 36: Loco Motion

Screenshot of "Loco Motion"
“Loco Motion” by Josia Roncancio. “Draw wheels on your vehicle and see how fast you can beat the obstacle course.” “Loco Motion” is a fun game to both play and watch! Draw wheels, feet, hooks or anything you like …
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Adventure Jam 2016: Animation 101

Screenshot of "Animation 101"
“Animation 101” by Kishimoto Studios & Ana Yomiell. “Join the adventure of a student learning about animation.” “Animation 101” is lovely to look at, but involves some tedious work as gameplay, as you will have to color pixel figures and…
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