Burning Knight

Screenshot of "Burning Knight"
“Burning Knight” by Egor Dorichev. “Steal everything you can and flee from the Burning Knight’s castle in this [action packed] roguelike!” One of Egor Dorichev’s best skills is to produce a juicy game flow, and with the first public …
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Ludum Dare 41: Tempo Quest

Screenshot of "Tempo Quest"
“Tempo Quest” by Bruno de Chazelles, Alexis de Chazelles & Théo Moyen. “[A roguelike] mixed with [the] Dance [Dance Revolution] mechanic[.]” The most wonderful thing about “Tempo Quest” is the smooth rhythm gameplay. You have to play your instrument – …
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Ludum Dare 41: Dragoon Drop

Screenshot of "Dragoon Drop"
“Dragoon Drop” by Jo Hanna, Micah Jones & Andrew Jones. “[A collectable card platformer.] Jump bounce off of enemies, platform, and swing your spear one card at a time while looking for treasure in a procedurally generated dungeon!” “Dragoon …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: Patient Rogue

Screenshot of "Patient Rogue"
“Patient Rogue” by Oleg Dolya. “A roguelite card-based game[.]” The smooth gameplay of “Patient Rogue” has its core in the intuitive, easy to use card game interface. You can fight with your weapons by dragging and dropping them on …
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2nd Alakajam!: ████████ – Where’s █████th @ ?

Screenshot of "████████ – Where’s █████th @ ?"
“████████ – Where’s █████th @ ?” by Aurel Bílý. “Roguelike dungeon crawler[.] Procedurally generated conspiracy stories[.] ███████ when █████ at █████████[.]” The game developer █f this jam sub██ssion seemed to ███████ the scripts of some old “The X-Files” episodes …
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