Ludum Dare 42: Unfamiliar

Screenshot of "Unfamiliar"
“Unfamiliar” by Adrian Kovatana, Cary Stringfield, Cody McGuire, Cole Penning & Don Nguyen. “[A] visual [novel] […] that attempts to portray the affects of dementia on a family.” Our memories are the foundation of our identity. One can …
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No More Sweden 2018: Consensual

Screenshot of "Consensual"
“Consensual” by Alexandra Dahlberg. “An interactive story about those [so-called] blurred lines[,] telling the tale about a couple going to bed at night. [It is] a tale experienced by many. [It is] also a tale of sexual consent. About …
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Awful Summer Jam 2018: Stay Home

Screenshot of "Stay Home"
“Stay Home” by Bleak Grey. “If you could change one thing, it certainly would be just opening the front door. Patience is known for being tired, but someday it has to happen. [It is] a nice sunny day outside and…
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Ludum Dare 41: YOU LEFT ME.

Screenshot of "YOU LEFT ME."
“YOU LEFT ME.” by Angela He. “You wake up in a different world. […] [You have] forgotten something important. But what? Remember [before it is] too late, and [you are] lost forever. […] A [dark, funny, surreal] game about …
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trans gal jam: one night, hot springs

Screenshot of "one night, hot springs"
“one night, hot springs” by npckc, with music by maxdotine. “[Play] as [Haru], a young transgender woman, and join her at the hot springs in [Japan]. […] [The game] discusses issues that […] transgender women in [Japan] might face, …
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Gr8ArtGames – Brazil: A.M.E

Screenshot of "A.M.E"
“A.M.E” by Giulia Yamasaki, Thiago Dametto, Maria Fernanda & José Wilson. “A digital [exhibition], where the works are intimate and real reports of remarkable affective experiences.” I love this idea of a community project about emotions. Here, you simply …
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Ludum Dare 40: Back to Dust

Screenshot of "Back to Dust"
“Back to Dust” by Uruca Game Studio (Suâmi Abdalla-Santos, Philippe Alves Lepletier & Felipe Osório) & Super Velociraptor. “[A] storytelling game focused in [decision-making]. You and your daughter are in a conflict zone and running low on food, …
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Ludum Dare 38: S.A.V.E.🐣

Screenshot of "S.A.V.E.🐣"
“S.A.V.E.🐣” by Platonic Games (Alvaro Gutierrez & Valeria Castro). “Think about a cage. Think about having each day less space to live. Think about someone controlling and limiting all your actions, every day. Think about living only to …
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