Gr8ArtGames – Brazil: A.M.E

Screenshot of "A.M.E"
“A.M.E” by Giulia Yamasaki, Thiago Dametto, Maria Fernanda & José Wilson. “A digital [exhibition], where the works are intimate and real reports of remarkable affective experiences.” I love this idea of a community project about emotions. Here, you simply …
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Ludum Dare 40: Back to Dust

Screenshot of "Back to Dust"
“Back to Dust” by Uruca Game Studio (Suâmi Abdalla-Santos, Philippe Alves Lepletier & Felipe Osório) & Super Velociraptor. “[A] storytelling game focused in [decision-making]. You and your daughter are in a conflict zone and running low on food, …
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Ludum Dare 38: S.A.V.E.🐣

Screenshot of "S.A.V.E.🐣"
“S.A.V.E.🐣” by Platonic Games (Alvaro Gutierrez & Valeria Castro). “Think about a cage. Think about having each day less space to live. Think about someone controlling and limiting all your actions, every day. Think about living only to …
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Resist Jam: (Un)Marked

Screenshot of "(Un)Marked"
“(Un)Marked” by Oddly Shaped Pixels (Renaud Despinois) & Le Gone. “[A] game […] about conflict, racism, violence with mechanics mixing [artificial intelligence], agency and emergent behaviours.” First of all, I am stunned by all the content inside of …
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Ludum Dare 37: Behind The Wallpaper

Screenshot of "Behind The Wallpaper"
“Behind The Wallpaper” by Stefan Srb. “[A] short […] [visual novel] about a [family] that has to hide in a time of discrimination and war […] in a single room.” “Behind The Wallpaper” is simply one of the best …
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Ludum Dare 36: Forever Someday

Screenshot of "Forever Someday"
“Forever Someday” by Joarez C. Santini. “[A] psychological experience about breakups and depression.” I love the surrealistic aesthetics and the translation of inner feelings into game mechanics in “Forever Someday”. Play it and you may feel just as empathic as …
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GJ Fest: Venti Mesi

Screenshot of "Venti Mesi"
“Venti Mesi” by We Are Müesli (Claudia Molinari & Matteo Pozzi), Germano Lanzoni & Francesco Fontana. “[A] collection of playable stories about Italian [r]esistance and [l]iberation from [n]azi-[f]ascism. [Twenty] fateful months (from September 1943 to April 1945), [twenty] …
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