ScoreSpace Jam 8: Luminary

Screenshot of "Luminary"
“Luminary” by plasmastarfish. “Slice through paper lanterns as you climb skyward. Make sure your cuts are balanced, as splitting a lantern exactly in half gives you more height. Travel as high as possible and compete for the [highscore]!” The gameplay…
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Ludum Dare 34: Don’t Mess With Totems

Screenshot of "Don’t Mess With Totems"
“Don’t Mess With Totems” by Aleksey Stepanov & Ekaterina Frolova. ​“[This is a t]wo button [controls] vertical platformer game [and also the a]dventure of a small brave hedgehog who’s fearless hunting for his [n]ut on dangerous growing totem!”…
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Ludum Dare 21: / ESCAPE \

Screenshot of "/ ESCAPE"
“/ ESCAPE \” by Incredible Ape (Josh Schonstal & Ian Brock) & Guerin McMurry. “/ ESCAPE \” is an endless jumper game with an one button control scheme. You can just jump from one side to another, but …
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GBJAM 3: Stasis

Screenshot of "Stasis"
“Stasis” by rogueNoodle. “[This game is an] endless jumper. Avoid the bullets and lasers while jumping as high as you can. Activate your stasis shield to hold yourself in place and become invulnerable, but use it wisely[.] Collect coins …
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