The HEART JAM: Duck Jam

Screenshot of "Duck Jam"
“Duck Jam” by Adam Worrell, Thimz, Grant Brown & Oscar Gonzalez. “[A] flurry of [minigames,] all lasting [five] seconds each. […] Each game is […] independent from each other[.] […] What keeps them all […] together is …
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40 Hours Game Jam: Roboleton

Screenshot of "Roboleton"
“Roboleton” by Francis Vace. “Roboleton” might be one of the hardest runner games I ever saw made for a game jam, even though you can reach a checkpoint after every ten seconds. Some stages are downright frustrating, but the …
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Flappy Jam: Flappyridium

Screenshot of "Flappyridium"
“Flappyridium” by MixedBag Games & Luca Gasperoni. “Flappyridium” is a fast-paced “Flappy Bird”-like game with amazingly smooth controls and a great retro art style. I like how the lines show the movements of some former, failed plays. >>PLAY…
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Flappy Jam: Ridiculous Glitching

Screenshot of "Ridiculous Glitching"
“Ridiculous Glitching” by firepunchd. “[W]hat happens if a rogue electron leading to a [ROM] error gives a once ‘free to play’ video game a once in a lifecycle chance to follow its heart[?] […] [I]t will use collective video …
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Flappy Jam: Flapper Birdagon

Screenshot of "Flapper Birdagon"
“Flapper Birdagon” by Andrei Mishanin. Yes. Yes, “Flapper Birdagon” is exactly what you think it is: A mashup of “Flappy Bird” and “Super Hexagon”. Want to be frustrated and entertained at the same time? Here you go. PLAY…
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Flappy Jam: Maverick Bird

Screenshot of "Maverick Bird"
“Maverick Bird” by Terry Cavanagh. “A [F]lappy [B]ird fangame.” “Maverick Bird” is a tribute to “Flappy Bird” – or is it a tribute to the hate of the players, fast-paced destruction of our unstable souls and immense frustration? You …
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