Ludum Dare 35: Reconfigure

Screenshot of "Reconfigure"
“Reconfigure” by Peter Hancock. “Every [ten] seconds, if you have enough parts, your ship will reconfigure into a new design, refilling your health and giving you new weapons. Blast enemies to earn parts and stay alive.” Ten seconds can …
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Ludum Dare 21: and just like that

Screenshot of "and just like that"
“and just like that” by Ben Burbank. “I wanted to build something that tries to explain why I would spend [forty-eight] hours writing script and making crude pixels, why I would quit my steady job making AAA games to …
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Ludum Dare 23: 6 Degrees of Sabotage

Screenshot of "6 Degrees of Sabotage"
“6 Degrees of Sabotage”┬áby Lucas Pope. “There is a network of saboteurs disguised among groups of innocent citizens. Bomb instructions were passed between multiple pairs of saboteur acquaintances. Review the security tapes from today to track the note …
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