The Jam Report: December 2018

The Jam Report: December 2018 (Part 1)
Discover necessary and unnecessary sacrifices, stories about murders in mobster villas and tales about all kinds of friendship, real flower power, genre mashups, metagames and many other things in the December issue of “The Jam Report”, that features sixty-two jam…
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Ludum Dare 37: Treasure Chest #07

Treasure Chest #07
“Horror Rush Saga” by Sébastien Dubois, Laurent Victorino, BlackMuffin Studio & Christophe Davaille. This short point and click adventure gives an insight into the real horror of modern video games: In-game advertising. “Xenopunch” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Florent …
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Asylum Jam 2016: Treasure Chest #06

Treasure Chest #06
“OVERCURSED” by Pietro Ferrantelli & Florent Juchniewicz. You are playing as a phoney ghostbuster, who does not really believe in ghosts. However, in the end things escalate. “Midnight Snack” by Blyant Games. This point and click horror adventure …
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Ludum Dare 32: This is War

Screenshot of "This is War"
“This is War” by Florent Juchniewicz. “[This] is the brainwashing which allows this soldier to go forward. […] This game is the story of [the birth of] a madness[.]” “This is War” may look like a simple platformer at …
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