Screenshot of "BOMBASTIC"
“BOMBASTIC” by Jamie Rowan. “Play as Splodey, a bomb with an explosive spring in his step! Use his exploding jump to traverse rooms and solve puzzles. Destroy all of the orange blocks […] to progress through the levels!” 2019 …
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Game Off 2019: BLAWK

Screenshot of "BLAWK"
“BLAWK” by Andy Bae. “This little chick is feeling stuck[.] […] Help him find ways to get rid of his [creative block].” Do you remember “Uballto”, the physics game that interacted with different window layers, which was submitted …
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Screenshot of "Puzezl"
“Puzezl” by Alexandre Szybiak. “[A puzzle platformer] in which you control a character that lives inside a jigsaw puzzle world. Use your telekinetic magic to move the pieces and reorder the world around you.” Remember “World Collector”, a …
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Mini Jam 41 (Magic): Hat’s a Problem

Screenshot of "Hat's a Problem"
“Hat’s a Problem” by Enter CTRL (Andrew Hunt, Austin Nordhaus, Michael O’Donnell & William Brotherton). “[A] bullet hell arcade game with a hint of magic[.] […] Play as a magician in a performance gone wrong, and keep the show going!”…
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Screenshot of "ElecHead"
“ElecHead” by Nama Takahashi & Tsuyomi. “A short circuiting robot […] can cause a current by touching a wall and move objects[,] [turning] on monitors, moving the floor or even activating a discharge device. By going deeper into the …
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Ludum Dare 45: Nothing

Screenshot of "Nothing"
“Nothing” by Joellikespigs. “[A] short platformer where you start with nothing. Including controls.” What is a jump and run without background music, a health bar or even a control scheme? You can find that out by playing “Nothing”, a …
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Rose of Starcross

Screenshot of "Rose of Starcross"
“Rose of Starcross” by Peyton Burnham. “[A] turn-based, story-driven [role-playing game.] […] Explore and learn about the state of Starcross and its characters. […] Fight enemies with timed attacks and [minigames] based on the magic [you are] using and …
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Arietta of Spirits

Screenshot of "Arietta of Spirits"
“Arietta of Spirits” by swonqi, Samuli Siimesto, Kimmo Bordi, Chevy Ray Johnston, Jaya Ply, Roosa Kerkola & Eugeniya Guteneva. “The game tells the story of Arietta and her family, visiting their Grandmother’s cabin for the first time …
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