GBJAM 5: Treasure Chest #04

Treasure Chest #04
“Yokoi-san Warp” by Go To Seven (VeLTiNA, Ronto & 26c). In this mini puzzle shooter you cannot directly hit your enemy, but by using your warp gun you can direct their own missiles back to them. “Rumble Road”…
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GBJAM 5: Trappy Climb

Screenshot of "Trappy Climb"
“Trappy Climb” by rogueNoodle. “Reach the peak by jumping and sliding, dodging mountain sheep, boulders and icicles along the way. Collect coins and stomp enemies to get the best score, but reaching the top is the only way to …
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GBJAM 5: Shuriken

Screenshot of "Shuriken"
“Shuriken” by rxi. “An action platformer[.]” While “Shuriken” is a pretty small action platformer, it surely is challenging and well-crafted. The core mechanic is that you have got three throwing stars to attack and defend yourself. But be careful, …
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