GBJAM 6: Spellthief

Screenshot of "Spellthief"
“Spellthief” by Zack Keys. “A puzzle platformer where you must use your acrobatic thievery skills and trusty grappling hook to navigate compact, dangerous dungeons. Can you make it to the end of all seven rooms with a perfect record?”…
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GBJAM 6: RoboBlaster

Screenshot of "RoboBlaster"
“RoboBlaster” by rxi & Daniel Moreno. “[A short] action platformer game.” Not only does the action platformer “RoboBlaster” feel visually as well as musically indeed like a highly polished Game Boy game, but also the gameplay and boss design …
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GBJAM 6: Spike Hike

Screenshot of "Spike Hike"
“Spike Hike” by Case Portman. “Hike to the top of a [hazard-ridden] tower. [Do not] stop! […] A plethora of traps and hazards will do their best to stop you, the key is to not panic[.]” This platformer is …
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