GJ Fest: Garmoniums

Screenshot of "Garmoniums"
“Garmoniums” by Fedya Balashov. “[A] small exploration audio-visual game. […] It’s about space, dogs, glitchy worms and strange sounds of godforsaken planet. […] Don[‘]t forget to jump and have fun!” I do not ‘get’ “Garmoniums”, but I do not …
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Glitch Jam: detuned

Screenshot of "detuned"
“detuned” by Paul Lawitzki, Christoph Rasulis & Benjamin Rudolf. “A very short experimental experience with glitch aestethic[s] […] [and] horror elements[.]” By scrolling your mouse wheel you can ‘tune’ and ‘detune’ platforms in “detuned”, which is a pretty …
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