Global Game Jam 2016: The List

Screenshot of "The List"
“The List” by Lital Natan, Moti Novo, Roy Rachamim, Or Shitrit & Yoni Meltzer. “The game puts you in the shoes of a person with an [obsessive-compulsive disorder] for order and repetitive habits. You wake …
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Global Game Jam 2016: Fidelio

Screenshot of "Fidelio"
“Fidelio” by Team Gotham (Hugo Ruiz Quintana, Juan de la Torre Torrescusa, Roman Baos Muñiz, Adrián Moreno Navarro & Daniel García Ramírez). “[A]n experimental game about a temple hidden in the ends of the universe. People …
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Global Game Jam 2016: The Fox’s Ritual

Screenshot of "The Fox’s Ritual"
“The Fox’s Ritual” by Kasper Hjorth, Elisabet Heikkilä, Markus Ranki & Janette Kellokumpu. “Your art-loving friend has left this world. However, a friendly fox knows how to fix the situation; sacrifice five of your friend’s most beloved things to …
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Global Game Jam 2016: Monstergotchi

Screenshot of "Monstergotchi"
“Monstergotchi” by silentclowns, arvz, Jaypin01 & Michael Graham. “Complete the summoning ritual! Feed your monster and keep him safe until he is strong enough to wreck the town! Collect the resources and master the combinations!” Besides the great art …
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Global Game Jam 2016: Swallow

Screenshot of "Swallow"
“Swallow” by Lukas Nicola, Derek Hearn, Ray Bach, Garrett Bogert & Sam Gillies. “Make your way through your day, adhering as closely to your routine as possible. If you do not, then you best be prepared to accept the consequences.…
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Global Game Jam 2016: Ritual Ware

Screenshot of "Ritual Ware"
“Ritual Ware” by Henry Saal, Daum Park & Jiyeon Jung. “Follow the daily ritual of a regular human being who in no way is a demon. Partake in the standard working mans daily tasks including waking up, picking nose …
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