Global Game Jam 2017: Can We Stay?

Screenshot of "Can We Stay?"
“Can We Stay?” by Jonathan Rousseau, Luciana Nascimento & Patrick Crecelius. “You and your fantastical sand castles are the only thing between your glistening parents and the mighty ocean. [Keep them] dry, away from the tide.” Build sand …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Sapling

Screenshot of "Sapling"
“Sapling” by Ivan Papiol, Iban Mas Ortega, Simón Stoyanov Beltrán & Guillem Sunyer Caldú. “Grow a tree [by] using the wind in your favor.” Try your luck and manipulate the growth of a tree, so that the …
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Global Game Jam 2017: 103.7

Screenshot of "103.7"
“103.7” by Ewan Hickey, Jacob Clode, Leo Mirzaie & Danikah Harrison. “A contemplative [road trip] where you listen to the radio to entertain yourself, and discuss the meaning of life with your mysterious companion.” In the great storytelling …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #16

Treasure Chest #16
“Popcorn Escape” by Charli Huve, Peggy Lecouvey, Marc Cerutti, Nans Cartier, Kê-vinh Sagot, Alexandre Bobe, Jean-Elie Docher, Hélène Boudier & Paul Eyheramouno. Solve three puzzles in a rotating microwave to escape your doom.  “Watashi no tsuki” by Leonardo Codamo, …
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Global Game Jam 2017: Relay

Screenshot of "Relay"
“Relay” by Cezary Skorupka, Krzysztof Gnutek, Jakub Witczak & Andrzej Dominowski. “Your job is to listen in to people’s conversations and report any unlawful and politically incorrect activities.” Be patient and report any suspicious conversations to your employer, …
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