Golf Peaks

Screenshot of "Golf Peaks"
“Golf Peaks” by Afterburn (Łukasz Spierewka, Kamila Spierewka, Maciej Wierzejski & Weronika Grabowska), Rafał Samborski, Piotr Markowicz, Bartłomiej Sieczka, Maciej Nabiałczyk, Bartosz Król, dunin, Kajetan Andrzejak, Maciej Piórkowski, May, Michaël Guidet, Natsumi Yokosu, Roboto Translations, Tomáš …
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Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: One in Hole

Screenshot of "One in Hole"
“One in Hole” by Guido Out. “Everybody loves [minigolf,] right? What about almost-golf?” While I have a soft spot for golf games in general, I must say that I particularly enjoyed the ‘reverse concept’ of “One in Hole”. While …
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Ludum Dare 44: GÖLDF

Screenshot of "GÖLDF"
“GÖLDF” by XMPT Games (Richard Pilot, Ed Moffatt, Brad Roeger & Luke Staddon). “Each time you shoot a coin, its value reduces by [one dollar] – when it hits [zero], that coin is dead: [You cannot] take …
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Ludum Dare 39: Trump Card

Screenshot of "Trump Card"
“Trump Card” by SideSplitter & rtsonneveld. “Do you think you can make better decisions than Donald Trump? […] [In this simulation game] you are […] [the president of the United States].” “Trump Card” is a pretty accurate ‘simulation’ game, where…
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