Magical Girl Game Jam 1: Sylvie

Screenshot of "Sylvie"
“Sylvie” by Toffee & Miredly. “[You are] part of an evil-hunting squad, but recently your partner has gone missing while out on a contract. This is a very short platformer where you hack and slash your way through a cult hideout and face …
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Ludum Dare 41: Dark Soil

Screenshot of "Dark Soil"
“Dark Soil” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Sylvain Guerrero, Robin Chafoin, Joachim Leclercq & Boris Warembourg. “Cultivate your garden and earn souls from dangerous plant species[.] Get seeds and plant them on [soil] tiles, then use your watering …
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Ludum Dare 33: Mobs, Inc.

Screenshot of "Mobs, Inc."
“Mobs, Inc.” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Thomas Lean, Augustin Grassien & OrikMcFly. “The dungeon the company has been taking care of, has become so attractive that too many adventurers are visiting it every day. Become one these new …
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GBJAM 2: DhulFiqar

Screenshot of "DhulFiqar"
“DhulFiqar” by Will Blanton. “DhulFiqqar” is pure, neat hack’n’slash fun in an excellent Game Boy retro look. It’s a simple maze where you can try to level up by fighting the respawning enemies. At the end there’s a surprise …
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