Ludum Dare 45: World Collector

Screenshot of "World Collector"
“World Collector” by Joe Williamson. “Start with nothing. Collect the world. Find a friend.” In the pitch-black a lone, cloaked entity emerges, and so does a shimmering piece of a puzzle – a part of the world you are …
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Screenshot of "PT++"
“PT++” by Will Blanton. “PT++ […] stands for Pregnancy Test ++[.] To my amazing wife Julie, our new home, our old pets, and our twin boys on the way. This is a tribute to our partnership!” To celebrate the …
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Ludum Dare 40: Fox Flares

Screenshot of "Fox Flares"
“Fox Flares” by Dan Lin. “You are a fox that is spontaneously combusting. Try to find some water to alleviate the pains of this life. A platformer with some timing elements.” The premise of “Fox Flares” is awesome, because …
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1st Alakajam!: Mixium

Screenshot of "Mixium"
“Mixium” by Thomas ten Cate. “You have a set of beakers, each marked with how much fluid it can contain. You can only pour until the target beaker is full or the source beaker is empty. Mix your fluids …
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Strawberry Jam 1: Sneks Fiend

Screenshot of "Sneks Fiend"
“Sneks Fiend” by TJ Cordes & Timothy Schrock. “Punish waves of enemies using a wide range of [snake-based] maneuvers, and buy upgrades from the traveling merchant[.]” I love the pixel art, the different animations for the attack combos and …
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Ludum Dare 35: Morphing Maria

Screenshot of "Morphing Maria"
“Morphing Maria” by Thomas ten Cate. “A 2D top-down puzzle game […], in which you change your shape to accomplish your objectives.” “Morphing Maria” is an adorable twist on the whole ‘Damsel in Distress’ trope in form of a …
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Ludum Dare 34: UPSQUID

Screenshot of "UPSQUID"
“UPSQUID” by Will Blanton & HYPYRYL. “Snack on little creatures! Snacks replenish energy! Thrusting depletes energy! Don’t run out of energy! Don’t fall behind or you’ll go back to sleep!” The beauty of “UPSQUID” lays inside its nearly meditative simplicity. …
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Ludum Dare 34: This Little Piggy

Screenshot of "This Little Piggy"
“This Little Piggy” by Ruthie Edwards. “This little piggy finds herself in the midst of a busy commercial kitchen. Luckily for piggy, the chefs are dropping scraps everywhere! Avoid the chefs, grab as much grub as you can, and …
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Mini Ludum Dare 63: PiX RPG

Screenshot of "PiX RPG"
“PiX RPG” by Bownly. “It’s [a role-playing game, b]ut with [P]icross instead of combat.” Do you enjoy Nonogram puzzle games? Then you will love “PiX RPG”. The fusion of a generic role-playing game plot with the image puzzle elements works …
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