Auto Balls

Screenshot of "Auto Balls"
“Auto Balls” by Hayden McCraw. “[This game] is a chaotic, online [auto battler] where you smash balls into each other! Build and upgrade your squad and face other players’ squads in the arena! Can you adapt fast enough to …
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Treasure Chest: April 2021

Treasure Chest April 2021
Since we released a seven-part report on NaNoRenO 2021 last month, we unfortunately had little time to look at many additional games. But at least five jam submissions and one indie game found their way into our hearts this month…
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Ludum Dare 33: The Bed Was Cold

Screenshot of "The Bed Was Cold"
“The Bed Was Cold” by Hayden McCraw. “This is not a horror game, but some people may find the game startling at some points, though it is kept minimal. There are no loud noises and no scary imagery beyond …
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