Hidden Folks

Screenshot of "Hidden Folks"
“Hidden Folks” by Adriaan de Jongh, Sylvain Tegroeg, Céline Veltman, Martin Kvale, Aran Koning, Mirthe Venbrux & Bram van Dijk. “Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, …
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Screenshot of "GNOG"
“GNOG” by KO_OP (Samuel Boucher, Nick Rudzicz, Saleem Dabbous & Lucie Viatgé) & Ramsey Kharroubi. “[A three-dimensional] puzzle game set in a tactile world of toys and secrets. Point, click, grab, poke, spin, pull, and …
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Screenshot of "Vignettes"
“Vignettes” by Pol Clarissou, Armel Gibson, Pat Ashe, David Kanaga & Popagenda. “[A] unique exploration game without text or characters, where objects shapeshift as you spin them around to wander through a kaleidoscope of different moods …
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Haunted Garage

Screenshot of "Haunted Garage"
“Haunted Garage” by Games For Ghosts (Richard Pieterse). “[An] experimental music making adventure game[.]” “Haunted Garage” consists of two different games, packed into one: It is partly an adventure game, where you have to find hidden objects – …
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Screenshot of "Moncage"
“Moncage” by Dong Zhou & Yijia Chen. “[An] adventure puzzle game, where the player will explore a secluded island and an abandoned factory trapped in a mysterious cubic device. Each face of this cubic device will display a different scene.…
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The Doll Shop

Screenshot of "The Doll Shop"
“The Doll Shop” by Atelier Sentô (Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard), Emeric Durdos, Dimitri Mazy, Baptiste Godier, Clément Lavarenne, Coralie Magère, Yoan Vernet, Adrian Malfatti, Manon Salomon, Ambre Sedogbo, Max Simoneau, Hugo Aubert, Mylène …
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Ludum Dare 45: Uballto

Screenshot of "Uballto"
“Uballto” by Omiya Games (Taro Omiya). “Welcome to […] a Linux distribution for […] distributing balls. […] [In] this desktop environment, dialog windows are used to guide balls to their target flags. Do you have the technical wits to …
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11:45 A Vivid Life

Screenshot of "11:45 A Vivid Life"
“11:45 A Vivid Life” by Deconstructeam (Jordi de Paco, Marina González & Fingerspit). “A short weird tale about a girl who discovered her skeleton [is not] hers, stole an [X-ray] machine and fled to the country to …
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