Ludum Dare 41: Dear Clicker

Screenshot of "Dear Clicker"
“Dear Clicker” by Robert Pfeiffer. “[An] atmospheric virtual art product. […] Prepare to click a lot.” If you ever wondered what “Dear Esther” as a clicker game would be like, then “Dear Clicker” will now give you the answer …
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Ludum Dare 40: Clicker Thingie

Screenshot of "Clicker Thingie"
“Clicker Thingie” by Luis Díaz Peralta. “Click things, watch numbers get big, ignore the rest.” “Clicker Thingie” is a short but powerful critique about how we as humans treat our planet in the form of a clicker game. It …
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Ludum Dare 38: Little Lands

Screenshot of "Little Lands"
“Little Lands” by Robin Field & Billy Hobson. “[A] short strategy city-builder prototype about building on a cluster of tiles that randomly connect to your land over time[.]” In my books, “Little Lands” is not really a prototype, as …
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1-Bit Clicker jam: Orchard

Screenshot of "Orchard"
“Orchard” by Jack Oatley & Isaac Schanno Johnson. “A short [clicker / idle] game about growing a tree from a seed, and promoting life around it. Get as much life points as you can until you get bored.” In …
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Ludum Dare 33: Hello Dear Friend

Screenshot of "Hello Dear Friend"
“Hello Dear Friend” by Ruthie Edwards. “[S]ending emails, hiring employees, upgrading your computer systems, and getting rich quick!” “Hello Dear Friend” is a funny clicker idle game with some cute artwork and pretty authentic orthography. For some reason I …
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