Indies VS Gamers: Eko

Screenshot of "Eko"
“Eko” by Yword. In “Eko”, you have to follow just one goal: To jump and run to the top in three minutes seconds. Shoot some blob monsters as well as mutants that are partly bats and partly whales, while you…
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Indies VS Gamers: Wibble Wobble

Screenshot of "Wibble Wobble"
“Wibble Wobble” by Daniel Linssen & Shannon Mason. “[Collect] stars to boost your score multiplier[.] [Avoid] hazards, stay alive and get a high score[.]” “Wibble Wobble” is about reaching stars to get points, but the level is not grounded. …
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Indies VS Gamers: Tony Carp

Screenshot of "Tony Carp"
“Tony Carp” by Benjamin de Jager, Diane de Wilde & Richard Lems. “Get rid of the fishermen in the most badass way you can. Use […] spins, flips and barrel rolls to make your destructive …
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Indies VS Gamers: Sushido

Screenshot of "Sushido"
“Sushido” by Diptoman Mukherjee. “Catch [fish] and make sushi!” “Sushido” reminds me of “Ridiculous Fishing” and that alone might be a good indicator of the fun factor. Catch as many fish as you can and try to avoid obstacles, …
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Indies VS Gamers: Dancy Bones

Screenshot of "Dancy Bones"
“Dancy Bones” by farwyler, Holger Wurst & Andreas Bielert. “Watch the skeletons and fit in as good as possible before your disguise fails you.” The visuals are great and the difficulty curve of the rhythm game “Dancy Bones” …
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Indies VS Gamers: ArkaTroiD

Screenshot of "ArkaTroiD"
“ArkaTroiD” by Leonardo Rossi. “[A three-dimensional “Arkanoid”-style] game.” The difficult, but awesome “ArkaTroiD” plays as if you were controlling a Roomba and trying to recreate a three-dimensional version of “Breakout” with it. [PLAY]…
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