Adventures With Anxiety!

Screenshot of "Adventures With Anxiety!"
“Adventures With Anxiety!” by Nicky Case, Monplaisir & Spacie. “Whoever you are, stay strong [and] good luck! đź’–” When we play serious games that tackle mental health issues, we often step into the rule of the suffering person; …
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From Ivan

Screenshot of "From Ivan"
“From Ivan” by Martzi Campos, Will Campos, Sean Bouchard & Kyle Laporte. “[A] short branching narrative game where you control the story indirectly by sending mail to your friends, family, and coworkers.” In a soviet setting, you …
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I woke up next to you again.

Screenshot of "I woke up next to you again."
“I woke up next to you again.” by Angela He. “A romance about a more-than-one-night stand[.] A psychological thriller about toxic addiction.” Angela He created some of the most amazing interactive novel games I know, and “I woke up …
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Screenshot of "Leaves"
“Leaves” by Simona Maiorano. “A young girl escapes from her hometown, leaving friends and family. After many years, she returns to her place… Why does she come back? What was behind her escape? [… A] contemplative adventure game driven …
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The Doll Shop

Screenshot of "The Doll Shop"
“The Doll Shop” by Atelier SentĂ´ (CĂ©cile Brun & Olivier Pichard), Emeric Durdos, Dimitri Mazy, Baptiste Godier, ClĂ©ment Lavarenne, Coralie Magère, Adrian Malfatti, Yoan Vernet, Manon Salomon, Ambre Sedogbo, Max Simoneau, Hugo Aubert, …
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Behind Every Great One

Screenshot of "Behind Every Great One"
“Behind Every Great One” by Deconstructeam (Jordi de Paco, Fingerspit & Marina González). “Gabriel is a really driven succes[s]ful artist. Victorine doesn’t have any personal passions but supports Gabriel as a housewife. They love each other. Cook, …
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Letters – a written adventure

Screenshot of "Letters - a written adventure"
“Letters – a written adventure” by 5am Games (Aleksandra Iakusheva, Selina Capol, Martina Hotz) & Michel Barengo. “Travel back to the 90s, go through pen pal letters and old school chat systems to follow the …
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