Ludum Dare 37: TISIC IZIEB

Screenshot of "TISIC IZIEB"
“TISIC IZIEB” by Jan Ilavsky. “[A] puzzle game where you pull and push furniture, trying to reach the exit.” “TISIC IZIEB” is a lovely, short and highly polished puzzle game. The minimalistic voxel art is some neat eye candy, …
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Ludum Dare 33: Takodemon

Screenshot of "Takodemon"
“Takodemon” by Jan Ilavsky. “[A] game about [a] small monster which moves by inflating and deflating parts of her body.” The minimalistic art style combined with the “QWOP”-like control scheme nearly begs me to sympathize with the cute …
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Ludum Dare 29: Temple of Ra

Screenshot of "Temple of Ra"
“Temple of Ra” by Jan Ilavsky. The whole temple setting is absolutely fitting for a puzzle game. The work with Blender is amazingly executed, the puzzles – you need to light your way through the “Temple of Ra” with …
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Ludum Dare 32: Blink Gun

Screenshot of "Blink Gun"
“Blink Gun” by Jan Ilavsky. “[A] puzzle platformer where you control [a] small white square character trying to reach the exit. You will use [a] special kind of weapon which enables you to switch places with black boxes. Not …
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