Ludum Dare 35: Ocean Rig 452

Screenshot of "Ocean Rig 452"
“Ocean Rig 452” by Craig Barnes & Josef Ortner. “A strange artifact fell from the sky and crashed into the ocean. […] This is the perfect time to test our new deformable ocean righ system. […] [C]onnect the parts in …
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Ludum Dare 34: On Tario

Screenshot of "On Tario"
“On Tario” by Stefan Srb, Craig Barnes & Josef Ortner. “[A] small sci-fi game about a growing city on […] a planet in a galaxy far away. You play as the mayor’s technical secretary […] doing your daily routine …
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GBJAM 4: onemore night

Screenshot of "onemore night"
“onemore night” by Stefan Srb, Craig Barnes, Michael Srb & Josef Ortner. “Three friends go on a late-summer camping trip to talk about the past summer and their upcoming last year of school.” Yes, “onemore night” is really …
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Ludum Dare 29: Deep South Motel

Screenshot of "Deep South Motel"
“Deep South Motel” by Stefan Srb & Josef Ortner. “While every guest brings income they will also get your rooms dirty. Clean the rooms to make them ready for the next customers.” This motel management simulator combines tactical elements with…
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