GBJAM 5: Trappy Climb

Screenshot of "Trappy Climb"
“Trappy Climb” by rogueNoodle. “Reach the peak by jumping and sliding, dodging mountain sheep, boulders and icicles along the way. Collect coins and stomp enemies to get the best score, but reaching the top is the only way to …
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Ludum Dare 34: Don’t Mess With Totems

Screenshot of "Don’t Mess With Totems"
“Don’t Mess With Totems” by Aleksey Stepanov & Ekaterina Frolova. ​“[This is a t]wo button [controls] vertical platformer game [and also the a]dventure of a small brave hedgehog who’s fearless hunting for his [n]ut on dangerous growing totem!”…
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Ludum Dare 21: / ESCAPE \

Screenshot of "/ ESCAPE"
“/ ESCAPE \” by Incredible Ape (Josh Schonstal & Ian Brock) & Guerin McMurry. “/ ESCAPE \” is an endless jumper game with an one button control scheme. You can just jump from one side to another, but …
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GBJAM 3: Stasis

Screenshot of "Stasis"
“Stasis” by rogueNoodle. “[This game is an] endless jumper. Avoid the bullets and lasers while jumping as high as you can. Activate your stasis shield to hold yourself in place and become invulnerable, but use it wisely[.] Collect coins …
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