Indies VS PewDiePie: OverPowered

Screenshot of "OverPowered"
“OverPowered” by Justin Stander, flashygoodness, Kenju & Bill Kiley. “Can you […] become a [t]rue [h]ero in time to save the world from apocalyptic destruction?” This platformer called “OverPowered” is incredibly difficult, but so much fun at …
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GBJAM 2: Plant Cat: First Blossom

Screenshot of "Plant Cat: First Blossom"
“Plant Cat: First Blossom” by flashygoodness, Shannon Mason, potato-tan, Kenju & Pix3M. “Use your magnificent seed-planting techniques to eradicate the high mountains that block your way!” The visuals of “Plant Cat: First Blossom” are super cute, …
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