Train Jam 2015: Ride Jumper

Screenshot of "Ride Jumper"
“Ride Jumper” by Kevin Zuhn, Jamie Sanchez & Tom Eastman. “Jump from one whacky futuristic amusement park ride to the next with crazy physics and a surprising amount of blood!” Who needs “RollerCoaster Tycoon” if “Ride Jumper” exists? …
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Ludum Dare 27: Time To Cook, Comrade

Screenshot of "Time To Cook, Comrade"
“Time To Cook, Comrade” by Kevin Zuhn & Chris Stallman. “F[ood takes ten seconds to cook]! D[o not check your watch], […] [comrade]!” “Time To Cook, Comrade” could be described as “Cooking Mama: The Glorious Supreme North …
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